About the BlupoBlog

I’ve heard people call me a ‘girls’ comic expert’. I’m not, though, really I’m not. Wish I were. If I were an expert, I wouldn’t have to write ‘unknown’ on almost everything dealing with behind-the-scenes stuff (and if there’s anyone out there who can fill in any of the blanks, please get in touch!). What I am is a girls’ comic fan; one who accidentally forgot to grow out of loving them around the age of ten. I’m going to look at some of the goodies from the golden days of girls’ comics, although don’t be surprised if there’s rather a large amount of Jinty strips and sci-fi strips cos they’re my favourites. Because they’re fab.

(NB You can find an article I wrote for BBC Cult archived here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/comics/features/girls_comics.shtml)


2 Responses to About the BlupoBlog

  1. evafever says:

    Please keep writing! Fran of the Floods was one of my favourites…Fran singing ‘we’ll meet again’ on stage at her school as the flood waters hit is seared into my brain!

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