Boyfriend from Blupo

Boyfriend from Blupo (Bunty)

8 parts: 13/5/95-1/7/95

Writer/artist: unknown

Lee is desperate for a boyfriend. Her wish is granted when hunky alien Morgan crashes his spaceship near her house and agrees to go to the disco with her. Morgan’s faux pas are considered cute by Lee’s pals, but her self-confidence is dented when she realises that on Blupo, cute is ugly and vice versa – and Morgan thinks she’s the prettiest girl he’s ever met! She also has to pretend to be a Zargon to meet his family, as Earthlings are considered primitive. Morgan disappears without saying goodbye but gets a message to Lee saying he’ll be back soon – and his secret mission is revealed: he was on Earth to record its TV programmes!

The ‘any boy is better than no boy’ and ‘only handsome boys are worth going out with’ messages may not be the best to give to young girls, but they’re pretty true to life – and Boyfriend from Blupo can be forgiven as it has such wonderful joie de vivre. ‘Seize the day’ has never been better illustrated than Lee asking the newly crash-landed alien ‘Er… I know this is short notice – but would you by any chance like to go to a disco tonight?’ The artwork is sketchy but attractive, and while the strip treads water for a little bit in the middle with some humorous Blupo/Earth misunderstandings, overall it’s pretty darn lovely.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Great Blog! I remember this story, I am not 100% positive but I think the artist was Andy Tew.

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