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Slave of the Mirror

Slave of the Mirror (Jinty) 20 parts, 9/11/74- 12/4/75 (Issues 27-46) – you may spot that these figures don’t add up. That’s because there was a three-issue break due to ‘Production Troubles’ and so no issues on 28/12/74, 4/1/75 or … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s Child (Tammy) 11 parts, 20/1/79 – 31/3/79 Writer/artist: unknown It wasn’t just Misty that had nasty things happening to nice people in the late Seventies, but elsewhere things were much more likely to turn out well. Thursday Brown in … Continue reading


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Winner Loses All!

Winner Loses All! (Misty) 17 parts, 4/8/79-24/11/79 Writer: unknown Artist: Mario Capaldi? This is a comic-strip aimed at pre-teen girls about selling your soul to the Devil. Yes, it could only be from Misty. Misty is one of the most … Continue reading

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Boyfriend from Blupo

Boyfriend from Blupo (Bunty) 8 parts: 13/5/95-1/7/95 Writer/artist: unknown Lee is desperate for a boyfriend. Her wish is granted when hunky alien Morgan crashes his spaceship near her house and agrees to go to the disco with her. Morgan’s faux … Continue reading

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